We each have come to the U.S. as immigrants; whether that was individually in the last few years or through the paths of our fathers and mothers many moons ago.  But the one thing we all have in common is the search for the opportunity that America offers.  The road to freedom can be long and tough, and we want to capture what life is like for current immigrants living in the U.S.  We want to help you tell your story.

If you are a recent U.S. citizen, green card holder, or you are here as an undocumented citizen, we want to hear what life is like for you.  Or if you work closely with an immigrant population or have thoughts on the topic, we want to hear from you, too.  Share your story!Lady Liberty

We will compile some of the stories into a free e-book titled Facing Stories of Immigration in the U.S. that will bring to life the stories of those who face immigration each day.  The book will be available on this site for distribution to begin community dialogues.  Stories that do not become part of the book will be shared on the site as individual blog posts.

Our goal is to have the e-book live by September 2013.

“Facing Stories of Immigration in the U.S.” is part of The Facing Project, an organization that connects people through stories to strengthen communities.  This movement to share stories and raise awareness is in cities across the United States facing issues such as poverty, homelessness, sex trafficking, and now stories of immigration.  Facing Project stories are compiled into books and on the web for a community resource, used to inspire art, photography, monologues and most importantly—community-wide awareness and dialogue.  For more information about The Facing Project, visit the main site.