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Tell Your Immigration Story!

If you are a recent U.S. citizen, green card holder, or you are here as an undocumented citizen, we want to hear what life is like for you.  Such as:

  • What brought you to the U.S.?Pen to Paper

  • What was your journey like?

  • What is life like for you in the U.S.?

  • What are your hopes?  And what are your fears?

  • What challenges are you facing?

  • What do you want us to know?

Or if you work closely with an immigrant population or have thoughts on the topic, we want to hear your stories, too.

We are seeking stories that are 1,000 words or less, in the first person, and authentic.  You do not need to be a professional writer.  We want to have your story from your perspective.

Each story should have a title, first name (pseudonyms are fine), age, city (optional), state, and country, followed by your 1,000 words or less story.

We will accept stories in English or Spanish.  Please email stories as a Word Document to                                                                 We must have stories in by August 15, 2013.


If you are a photographer and would like your work featured in Facing Stories of Immigration in the U.S., please submit your photos, photo credits, and a signed photo use release to by August 15, 2013.